Sep 092012

Json Services Overview

Json Services is a web services framework that intended to make the creation and consumption of SOA based applications easier and more efficient.

Json Services framework is built using the .NET framework 4.0 and depends heavily on reflection features of .NET, it depends on the great Json.NET library for serialization.


Json services generates an intermediate description of ANY .net interface called JSDL (Json Services Description Language), proxies source code can be generated for a wide range of clients from JSDL.

Json Services framework is intended to be simple and efficient and can be consumed using a wide range of clients, including JavaScript?, Android, and Flex, I intend to support new languages in the future.

Json Services philosophy is to generate readable code that is can be modified by developers according to their needs, I don’t believe that generated code should not be modified.

Please check to download Json Services

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Dec 282011

Sessions are very important when developing HTTP based systems; however using sessions with certain types of clients in .net can be tricky, I prefer to keep everything simple and under my control, so during the development of some project that uses an old Windows Mobile 6.5 client; I wrote an implementation of a simple session, it supports database sessions only for now.

My design consists of 3 classes and one interface

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Dec 282011

Storing plain passwords in a database can be very dangerous, any person that can access the database can have all the passwords of the system users, to prevent this; a password must be hashed and the hash should be stored instead of the plain password, when a user logs in, the system hashes the entered password using the same algorithm that was used when storing the password, then it compares the tow hashes if they match; then the user is authenticated.

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Sep 192011

Hello all;
Having spent more than a year in learning and developing Silverlight applications, had a good look at Flex development, It is sad that I think they are both dead, while it is sad to know that I have wasted a lot of time learning technologies that are probably going to fade within 2 years; it is great that we finally can develop using a technology that is to stay for long terms, yes it is HTML 5.

I have tried some coding in HTML, I used Java Script extensively, which made me change my opinion of this language, it is so great, the new web is literally a revolution, it is really now possible to develop reach solutions using bare HTML, CSS and JS.

I advice you all to make this move, I think it is the future.

Jun 162011


Copying data between workspaces is a day-to-day piece of work for ArcGIS users, and so for developers.
In this article I’m going to show you how to use ArcObjects to copy data between different workspaces.
Actually there are many approaches for doing so in ArcGIS, each of them has some limitation in its functionality, after doing some research on the subject I found that you could transfer data between workspaces in one of these ways:

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May 272011

Authentication is a vital part of any business application, RIA services supports this by supporting the implementation already made by ASP.NET, but while it is possible to use the ASP.NET implementation exactly by using providers, I prefer the other way; which is implementing a custom lighter design away from membership providers and profiles.

In this article I’ll show you how I’ve done this custom implementation and used it.

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May 072011

Hello all;

Finally I’ve decided to host my own technical blog, this blog will hopefully contain my ideas about programming, I focus mainly on C# .net, Silverlight, WCF and ArcGIS development.




Kumait Mohammed

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